Forte is a full-service marketing, sales, communications, and design firm. We are a passionate organization of successful professionals with one clear vision: To become your go-to team.

We have never spent much time inside the box. Our incredible success has been based on sound business decisions, strong evidentiary support, a powerful work ethic, and the drive to stay outside the box. We choose the bold approach to stand out amidst the clutter and make markets take notice. Join us to see the light.



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We provide in-house marketing and communications services based on a team approach management style. Our business philosophy combines enthusiasm with high professional standards.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of strategic marketing and creative services, both on time and on budget. Our portfolio focuses on the resort, hospitality, travel, tourism, media, entertainment, health, and fitness industries, with an emphasis on residential real estate development projects.


  • Marketing Strategy/Support
  • Marketing Plan Development/Implementation
  • Market Research/Analysis
  • Media Planning/Placement
  • Strategic Planning/Positioning
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting
  • Communications Programs
  • Community Relations/Outreach Programs
  • Promotion/Management of Lifestyle Events
  • Public Relations/Publicity Programs
  • Direct Response Programs
  • Issues/Crisis Management
  • Database Management
  • Investor Relations

Forte has developed and managed successful sales teams in the areas of hospitality, broadcast, and entertainment, with a dedicated focus on high-end residential real estate. We understand niche markets and what makes them answer the call to action.

We strike up conversations that transform into lasting relationships. These days, that’s rarefied air execution. We are lead generation junkies. We believe in people first. After all, sales conversion is all about discovering the individual personality. We focus on the “why.” It’s poetry in motion when we make it happen.


  • Project Real Estate Sales Management
  • Business/Real Estate Licensing
  • Recruitment, Hiring, Training, Management of Project Sales Teams
  • Lead Generation/Pipeline Management
  • Sales Office Policies & Procedures Establishment/Implementation
  • Documentation/Contracts with Legal & Development Teams
  • Cooperating Broker/Reservation Programs
  • Inventory Development/Phasing/Release
  • Pricing Programs Development/Implementation
  • Financing Programs & Offerings Discovery/Execution
  • Title Company Engagement/Management
  • Closing Process Facilitation
  • Project Entitlement Process Management
  • Project Master Planning

Identifying with the art form that is the creative process, we understand how it works as a strategic partner of an organization’s overall business model. We do not create for creative sake. We create and design for success. For impact. For the long-term.

We provide our creative and design services in-house, directed by a Lead Designer, who is the cream of the crop. The client benefit is that we control the creative process from concept to application. We perform within budgets and critical time paths, and our creative work product is spot-on.


  • Brand Audits
  • Branding/Rebranding
  • Display Advertising Campaigns
  • Collateral/Brochure/Marketing Decks/Sales Tools Development
  • Custom Publications/Presentations
  • Virtual Reality Coordination/Integrations
  • Corporate Literature Strategies
  • Digital Communication Campaigns/Platforms/Programs
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Diligence Platforms
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Signage
  • Envisioning/Theming
  • Event Promotions
  • Interactive Design
  • Website Design/Programming/Development


At Forte, we believe that you should live life through all five of your senses, 100% of the time. We feel that to be happy and successful in your own way, you need to have some guiding principles that you follow along your journey. The following is a collection of ours. They’re simple, resolute, and centered on finding the time to enjoy the little things that make the big difference. Bravo little things.

All for one Calm in the storm Catch and release Company we keep Doing what you love Driving it like it’s stolen First tracks Functional works of art Holidays Home-and-away series Local knowledge Loving what you do Magic Making promises and keeping them One chance One for all Our alma maters Playing like a champion Quality over quantity Road less traveled Six or more Small towns Standing out in the crowd The fairway The window seat Tomorrow Wellness Wow


In partnership with our clients, we utilize the POWER of collaborative strategic planning and creative problem solving to position brands and organizations with a singular focus: to attain desired results and exceed expectations. Our success is based on our clients’ success. We’re Oz behind the curtain.


Forte’s Principals have provided professional marketing, communications, sales, and design programs for local, regional, national, and international accounts and projects.

Forte is an effective marketing communications partner with depth rarely found within an organization of our size. Based on industry research, along with client objectives and goals, we combine state-of-the-art creative technologies and an old-fashioned work ethic to develop results-oriented and innovative communications programs.

We pride ourselves on our long-term track record of success with clients and our ongoing relationships with them.


Forte has envisioned and established new paradigms in hospitality, resort, travel, and tourism projects from the corner of Main and Main to far-flung destinations globally.

Wow branding. Targeted positioning. Timeless design. Creative campaigns. Dynamic communications. Innovative programming. Personal outreach.


We have always kept a steady focus on providing our services for iconic residential and resort real estate development projects. In fact, over 80% of our historical portfolio has been focused on high-end, amenity-rich, real estate development/resort real estate projects.

Over the past 30 years, the Partners in Forte have served as the marketing, communications, sales, and design support partner for over $4.9 billion in real estate transactions for our clients and their projects worldwide. Our professional services to the development sector also include master planning, conceptual designs, market research, financial inventory management, bulk sales programs, and operational development and implementation.

With involved real estate development experiences, we have come to intimately understand what it takes to work with projects through the conceptual stages, entitlement process, pre-sales campaigns, and development and implementation of ongoing marketing and sales support programs. We understand the industry and how to position projects and the sought-after lifestyle they offer to the narrowcast markets they are attempting to reach.


When it comes to philanthropy and giving back, Forte’s leadership group is “all-in.” Community service is not an elective decision at Forte. It’s mandatory. Founder, R.J. Gallagher, Jr. has penned a column for The Aspen Times, entitled "Philantopia." The initiative of the column was to spread the word about those who make a difference and the difference they make. Fortunately, "Philantopia" will never run out of great stories to share about great people.


Case Studies

Identity & Branding

Client logo - 360
Client logo - Aspen Highlands Village
Client logo - Aspen Mountain Club
Client logo - bext360
Client logo - Chaparral
Client logo - Colorado Avalanche
Client logo - Colorado Golf Club
Client logo - Denver Nuggets
Client logo - Glacier Village
Client logo - Grassroots Asia
Client logo - Holy Cross Energy
Client logo - Kealia Kai
Client logo - Mason Morse
Client logo - Maverick Ranch
Client logo - Mountain Chief Deer Valley
Client logo - Nest Aspen
Client logo - O2 Aspen
Client logo - Poss Architecture and Planning
Client logo - Ridgegate
Client logo - River Valley Ranch
Client logo - Residences at The Little Nell
Client logo - Roaring Fork Club
Client logo - Snell
Client logo - West Meadows


Forte loves the company it keeps.

Associate logo - Aspen Club
Associate logo - Aspen Glen
Associate logo - Aspen Snowmass Skiing Company
Associate logo - Auberge Resorts
Associate logo - Christie’s International Real Estate
Associate logo - Concierge Auctions
Associate logo - Dancing Bear Aspen
Associate logo - Esperanza Resort
Associate logo - Fairmont
Associate logo - Fortress
Associate logo - Four Mountain Sports
Associate logo - Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Associate logo - Goldman Sachs
Associate logo - Hard Rock Hotels
Associate logo - Hines
Associate logo - Hotel Jerome
Associate logo - Intrawest
Associate logo - Mandarin Oriental Hotels
Associate logo - Marriott International
Associate logo - MGM Resorts
Associate logo - Rancho Valencia Resort
Associate logo - Related
Associate logo - Ritz Carlton Club
Associate logo - Rosewood Hotels and Resorts
Associate logo - Sothebys International Realty
Associate logo - St Regis Aspen
Associate logo - Timbers Resorts
Associate logo - Troon Prive
Associate logo - Vail Sports
Associate logo - W Hotels

Strategic Alliances

In 2019, the Forte Aspen Principals implemented an exhaustive discovery of the industry-leading global real estate organizations. The goal was to establish and form a strategic marketing and sales alliance with the proper global real estate brand concentrated on the curated luxury real estate markets where Forte specializes, and the perfect match was found.

Forte Aspen has formed a strategic marketing and sales alliance with Christie’s International Real Estate (CIRE) – Aspen Snowmass, initiating a business model focused on dynamic residential development projects located in the finest niche destinations in the world. Under the terms of this professional relationship with CIRE, Forte Aspen will be operating as a marketing and sales support partner on resort and urban development projects, offering unmatched locations, amenities, and services along with enhanced experiential living.

Our purposeful alliance will provide unparalleled real estate development advisory expertise, including marketing; communications; branding, creative, and design; and, sales management services. Our successful industry experience also includes predevelopment entitlement and masterplan consultation. Our goal is to become an active, integrated team member for development projects. From vision and dreams. To OMG.

In the luxury real estate sector, we strongly believe there is a significant need for a better way to manage the sales process during these challenging times, and our CIRE alliance is setting the bar higher with the goal to be the best in the industry. Forte is proud to offer this powerful affiliation and network exclusively to our clients and projects.

Our alignment and relationship with Christie’s International Real Estate will provide unprecedented strategic platforms that are prospect-targeted and produce results. Together, we are elevating the standards and presence of project real estate sales programs. It’s hard work, but together, we’re better. It’s the power of two.

Forte Aspen and Christie’s International Real Estate – Aspen Snowmass have been fortunate to provide professional services, defining real estate projects globally.

Capitalizing on our organizations’ proven track record and long-standing history of real estate development success, we are proud to offer our tailored marketing and sales management solutions for our clients’ distinctive real estate projects.

Forte Aspen + Christie’s International Real Estate – Aspen Snowmass.
Enhancing the art of residential real estate projects. One collectable offering at a time.
Alliance - Christie’s International Real Estate - Aspen Snowmass



Founding Partner

burst of energy; spirited; lively; strength of will; radiant; wow

R.J. is the Managing Partner and Founding Partner for Forte. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Forte and its overall performance.

Prior to Forte, R.J. was the Founder and President of Gallagher Sharp West (GSW) in Aspen, Colorado, from 1991 until 2009, when GSW became Forte. GSW was a pioneering organization, implementing successful marketing, communications, sales, and design programs for high-end real estate projects and select clients in the resort, entertainment, hospitality, and travel industries. During that time, GSW provided services for some of the finest projects throughout the United States and Mexico, generating over $5 billion in sales revenues. GSW also provided services within the entertainment, resort, luxury hospitality, and professional sports franchise industries on a global level.

Before GSW, R.J. worked in the broadcast industry as the General Manager of progressive and award-winning radio and television stations, which were eventually sold to a major North American cable company. In addition to his broadcast background, R.J. served as the Vice President of Marketing and Operations for Newfield Enterprises International, a developer and owner of fine hotels, resorts, and residential developments worldwide, including several Ritz-Carlton Hotels in New York, Houston, Washington, D.C., and Aspen. R.J. was also the Founder and a Board Member of a startup commuter airline that served the Aspen market from Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Denver.

R.J. has served on a variety of Boards, including the Aspen Community Foundation and the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club. R.J. attended the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Finance. R.J. has been a licensed Colorado Broker Associate since 1987.


In today’s new world order, what matters is what one has done lately. As in right now. We believe that our best efforts and results are yet to come and that there’s only one standard worth pursuing… the highest. The future is bright, but it will not be the future of our past. We are ready when you are.


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